How we work

There are the processes that we follow during the development phase


Phase 1 : Requirements

This phase involves many meetings with managers, stakeholders, and users to identify business requirements. The team needs to gather information like who will use the product and how they will use it. These requirements must be quantifiable, relevant, and detailed.

Phase 2 : Plan

Once an idea is deemed viable and feasible, the project team comes together and works to identify features. The goal of this phase is to break down the idea into smaller pieces of work (the features) then to prioritize each feature and assign it to an iteration.

Phase 3 : Design

The system and software design is prepared from the requirements identified in the previous phase. The team needs to think about what the product or solution will look like. The test team also comes up with a test strategy or plan to proceed.

Phase 4 : Develop & testing

This phase is all about creating and testing features, and scheduling iterations for deployment.

Phase 5 : Release

After testing, the product is delivered to customers for them to use. However, deployment isn’t the end of the project. Once customers start using the product, they may run into new problems that the project team will need to address.

Phase 6 : Track & Monitoring

After deployment we continue to track and monitoring the software. Thanks this we can upgrade features and make it better.

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